General Secretary

This module is the "heart" of the Youth Ministries Management System; there is no way to start using this tool until the data feed and data members of clubs within their submodules. 

The big advantage is that you can search the data of the clubs and members at any time, export the information recorded and record, change, delete and filter the clubs by the name of the Club, active and inactive members or group’s performance (Pathfinders and Adventurers).

A006 – CLUBS ► This sub module is where you can add or edit information for each Club


In this submodule, unique access for the Secretaries and PAD Directors, you can find and download the official Leadership Exams for Adventurers and Pathfinders Master Guide. Only RDORVAL Solutions in Technology has the permission to upload the Leadership Exams. 

Upon entering, the title will appear on the screen Standard Evidence of Leadership – PAD, click on the Emit icon ( ) to download the exam and on the History icon ( ) to view the times it was downloaded, the download dates and the user who downloaded it.


In this submodule can view the pending approval of the Master Guide Virtual Card, previously approved by the Club of the local church and the Area/Cluster Coordinator, of the candidates to invest in the Master Guide Leadership Class.

To see/view and approve the Virtual Card requirements fulfilled of one candidate, click on the icon of To approve ( ).

When all Virtual Cards are approved, the screen will be 0 records.

1.    Once approved, the CMS will automatically insert the Master Guide Leadership Class in the member's profile history, without having to register it again in A006 – Clubs.
2.    The PAD Administrative Assistant/Secretary cannot alter the requirements completed by the candidate, even if she access to the profile of the Area/Cluster Coordinator or Club Secretary/Director of the Club.

3.    In the absence of a Coordinator or the Area/Cluster Coordinator, the PAD Administrative Assistant/Secretary or PAD Director may approve directly from their access.

4.    This does not invalidate the physical folder; however, as it will go through different levels of audit and evaluation (mainly of the Club Director/Secretary, Area/Cluster Coordinator, Coordinator and the PAD Conference), only specific elements can be requested if in doubt, by electronic means.