12 – Ranking



In this submodule you can register reports but you need to have one ranking registered. We will use the same example created. To understand it, read first the A087 – Settings submodule. 


This Barcodes submodule has two ways to manage reports, completing the first through reading bar codes generated by the requirements: for club or event (optional). Clicking on their respective icons (). 




This code marks or manual bar can be accessed in the A109 – Results submodule in the items Result and Statistic. 


  1. By Club: choosing report entitled By Club, a small screen will open to read the bar code. You can also complete the code manually Club and may look for a club to see if it has been marked by the system. 




To select the club, you can read the bar code or make the club name search. After reading or typing the code of the Club Manual screen appears automatically to read the bar code. You should use the bar code corresponding to the requirement / valid event. 




Once entered, you will see that Club points are inserted correctly. Clicking on Edit you can Reply the requirements not completed or incomplete for the club in the Not completed/Incomplete tab. 




Click in Reply, will appear the following screen to complete with the confirmation of the response. Completed it click on Confirm. 




  1. By Event: choosing report entitled By Event, a small screen will open to complete manually the requirement.  




Select the answer and click in the icon (). 





In the Completing submodule can view the reports group (Pathfinder or Adventurer), start and end date and participants and the report to be completed. 




By clicking on the icon of the report column () of your choice, in the column you have two options: 


  1. Participants: appear the list of clubs that have access to complete the report appears.  




In addition to the clubs, the user will also complete the privileges of registered reports. To file a report, click the icon of the participant Club on Fill in () and in a small window, the report with fields to complete will appear. 




If the report was not yet completed by the Club, will be on the Not completed/incomplete tab. To complete, just click Reply in the option to answer your question. If the question requires an answer confirmation, you must complete the additional field. Once completed, click on Confirm. 





Note that once completed, the report no longer appears in the menu not completed, but in the Completed tab. 




Clicking on the Complete tab, you can also see what the report was completed and confirmed, with the possibility of printing and can, if necessary, cancel the approval. And if that response is an image attached it will be charged and you displayed. 


Returning to the report screen, click Update (right side of the top of the screen) to see what the Club said in the report, and the number of points added after completing it. 


  1. Visualize: appear the list of completed fields by categories and the possibility to export different *.pdf codes and list: requirements, answer of requirements and clubs, clicking on the icon (). 




If you need to liberate one requirement for all clubs, select the answer and click on the icon () next to the answer. 



Complete the Observations/comments field and click Insert all. 




In the Result submodule system generates the final result of all reports. 



By clicking on the icon of the report column () of your choice, in the column you have two options: 


  1. Result: appear the list of result of the report. This will open a small screen (example below), to report data and the final result table obtained by the clubs in reports.  


Have the possibility to export different *.pdf files: list of codes, tags codes, and details of categories clicking on the icon (). This for the general ranking, but if you want to know the details by club and his classification, click on the icon (). 



  1. Statistics: you can also view statistics reports. This will open a small screen (example below), to report general number of completed answers by requirement and the percentage.