10 – Management



In this submodule can obtain and filter the information about the access (login) of the authorized users by the Conference after their account has been approved and released in A197 – Pre registration submodule. 


If you want to know the users who have accessed in a date period, complete with the start and end date of the search and click on Filter data button. Will see the numbers of successful accesses and access with errors. 



To know a user’s access information, select the user name and click on the icon of the History column (https://padcms.org/cms/icones/viewmag.gif). A pop-up screen will appear from where can find the access date and IP accessed, for successful accesses and those that present an error. 








A185 – AWARDS 


The Awards submodule allows the possibility of registration of Awards the Union and Conference in the system. On this screen, you can see awards already registered, view the members who already have decorations, decorating a record already decorated member and create a new decoration. 




To create an award, click New and fill in the details, remembering that you have the option of allowing the Club record the award for its members by selecting the Club Register option. 




After filling in the data, click Save. 



To view the members who already have registered this eulogy, click on See icon () and the list of clubs that already have praise appears, and the number of respective members. 




Click See icon () to see again which members have registered praise. 




To delete a recommendation, if there has been erroneously, click Delete (). 

Returning to the main screen of the Awards Reports, to record the award for a new person, click Register icon (). 







And will see one general list with clubs, click again on Register icon (). 




Select the member and enter the date of receipt of the award, and click Save. 




Ready! The praise that you have created already has been registered. 




This is the control of the birthdays by month all registered clubs in the management reporting module users. Where through the Filter by you can see the list per month and export this data as you want clicking on Filter data. You can see the information of the member clicking on the icon of the See column (). And also you can export excel, clicking on Export data. 






The submodule generator custom graphics graphics you get your field, as your need. Select the graphic you want and click Execute. 


When you run the chart will be displayed, and you can check the growth or percentage of the generated report.  




And you can also select the chart type you prefer. These custom graphics are configured by RDORVAL Solutions in Technology. 






This submodule controls the churches, and what belongs district and the number of clubs that have registered CLUB MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. You can also click on the icon of the Change column () to change some church records and the icon of the Delete column () to delete. 




To register a new church, click on New (right at the top of the screen). 




Complete the Name field of the Church, select the city where the church and the District. The church will be automatically registered in the district in which was identificada. 


The NAD and ARM codes are not mandatory. And if the church is still a group, you must select the Chrurch is a group, if not, whether the church is definitely a church, it is not necessary to select the opción.Then, click Save. 


To view the clubs belonging church clicking on the icon in the See column (). 




To display data club clicking on the icon in the See column ().