Club YMMS Manual

Welcome to the YOUTH MINISTRIES MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, an online tool exclusively for Club Ministries in the North American Division.

The project began in 2006 in Brazil in order to facilitate the online registration for Brazil's Pathfinder Camporee. Work for the project was through a team of volunteers. Soon, more volunteers joined the project and the idea of expanding the project to manage class work and honors was introduced.

By 2009 the project had grown to include several conferences and it became neccessary to now hire (pay) Rodrigo Dias Dorval (the lead volunteer programmer) to support and further develop the volunteer project, transforming it into a commercial product. 

That same year, the platform was adopted for the entire Northeast Brazil Union Mission to integrate all clubs in the Union. The platform is developed to include both Pathfinders and Adventurers. It is now a complete management tool, with online registration, credit card payments, and reporting.

In 2014, the platform was tested during registration of the "IV South American Pathfinders Camporee". After a very successful test the South American Division adopted the platform for all of South America! 

The platform is developed in PHP and MySQL, and now has a team of expert programmers and analysts who understand the club ministries of the SDA churches.

In 2019 both the Texas Conference and the Florida Conference adopted the system. In 2020 The North American Division fully adopted the platform with the name:
Youth Ministries Management System - YMMS for short!