System Alerts:

There are a number of possible system messages that you can customize. These messages are also available in different languages.

  • Here is a file with sample English and Spanish options for you to rewrite to meet the needs of your Conference and add to the "Conference Settings" in the "General Secretary" menu on the left side of your YMMS screen.

Drivers Verification:

Does your conference require Drivers be Verified by their Directors? This is a feature in YMMS that can be turned on in your settings. In a few Conferences it is used in conjunction with a Driver Questionnaire Form. The form is filled out by local club staff that intend to be a driver for the club. The Director verifies the information is correct. The director then adds the staff member or edits them with the "Authorized Driver" selected. The paper copy is kept in the local clubs files.

Setting Up links on your website to your version of the "Driver Questionnaire Form":

  1. Download the editable SAMPLE DOCX file.
  2. Edit the file to meet the needs of your Conference.
  3. Save your edited version as a DOCX so that if you need to modify it in the future you can.
  4. Now, also save the same file as a PDF document and upload the PDF to your website for Club Directors to download and use in their clubs.