Log In as Conference User

To access the Conference Set up information you may need to log in as a "Conference User" for a specific conference. Here is how to do just that.

  1. Log into YMMS (nadyouth.com) as yourself.

  2. Go to the "Tools" Module in the lower left side of the page and select it.

  3. Now, as the module is expanded, select the "Master Access" option.

  4. On the new page, in the first "Filter by Club:" box, select the Conference you are wanting access to. Note that the second box for this section also fills in.

  5. Click the "Search Club" button.

  6. Down further on the page locate the person in the list you wish to "log in as" and follow their row across to the right.

  7. Select the "To access" page icon for this person.

  8. look in the upper left corner for the user account information and be sure this is the correct user you are wanting access as.


Once you are ready to log out of a "Conference User" simply these simple steps to return to your own Master Access account.

In the bottom left corner of the website